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Unlike typical business networking groups, Benchmark Forums are exclusive to business owners and key leaders who have likely experienced or are also working through the same challenges you’re facing today. Benchmark Forums convene monthly in a local setting, and are a source of coaching, encouragement, and problem-solving through facilitated and directed discussions. Oftentimes, the issues you face as a business owner are not unique to your business or even your industry, and those issues have likely been solved by others. Benchmark Forum members come from a variety of businesses in the home services and construction industries and can give each other honest feedback and sound advice that stems from practical experience, not theories.

Local Benchmark Forums are made up of members from non-competing businesses who operate in the same city. They are a valuable source of networking and referrals.

Alternatively, contractors who prefer to meet with other members in their industry may prefer to join a Regional Benchmark Forum, which includes members from similar industries in non-competing areas.

After almost 30 years of business ownership, I learned first-hand that many difficult problems are easier to solve and made clearer when consulting with fellow leaders. Joining a Benchmark Forum gives you access to professionals in your same position and a safe space to honestly discuss topics from hiring to best practices to exit strategies. Learning from the wisdom of others will allow you to avoid making the same mistakes they have made, while you share your personal experiences to help others make better decisions as well. Along with a new educational component each meeting, some of the benefits that Benchmark Forum members experience are:

Greater accountability

Increased Profits

Increased organization

Enhanced people skills and personnel management

Better work-life balance strategies


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“I’ve learned from Frank and the other Benchmark members how to gauge my progress to keep me moving in the right direction. Every meeting I learned something that will make me better”
Sean Benner

Owner, Benner Home Concepts

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